Kinetic Artist And Paper Sculptor -

Lucy Jean Green

​​Name and Colour

All Owls are equipped with special adaptations that make them exceptional predators. Keen eyesight allows them locate prey even on dim nights. Sensitive, directional hearing helps locate concealed prey. Some species can even hunt in complete darkness using sound alone to guide them. 

An Owl's flight is silenced by special wing feathers that muffle the sound of the air rushing over the surface of the wing. This allows an Owl to hunt by stealth, taking their victims by surprise. It also allows the Owl to listen for prey movements while in flight. 

When the handle is turned, watch how the piece comes to life as the owls wings move, replicating the motion of the owl flying to catch their prey.

Hand cut kinetic paper sculpture encased inside a wooden box frame with a glass front.
The piece measures 35.5 x 27 x 14cm and is made to be wall mounted.

The Silent Predator