A lovely video of my kinetic sculpture "Essence of Wisdom" taken by Steve Christian Photography

Paper Dreams Exhibition

Essence of Wisdom. An #automaton by @nameandcolour. Part of the "Paper Dreams" exhibition at #Masham Gallery.

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Kinetic Artist And Paper Sculptor -

Lucy Jean Green

​​Name and Colour

Masham Gallery

August 18th - October 2nd


Dreams where I can fly have always been my favourite, maybe that’s why I’m so encapsulated by the creatures that can fly.

From the tiny blue tit to the great barn owl, the fragile and beautiful nature of these incredible creatures fascinates me. Their intricate forms constructed with such precision, allowing them to be as striking as they are skilful, built so precisely yet still so delicate and fragile. I have chosen to focus on three UK dwelling birds that are no longer in rapid decline, because when something seems so permanent, we seem to forget how precious and impermanent it still is.