Kinetic Artist And Paper Sculptor -

Lucy Jean Green

​​Name and Colour

A paper-cut albatross flying over a sunken shipwreck. Inspired by the graceful movement of the black footed albatross and a story from mythology that tells of how the albatross is known to be the guardian of all the souls lost at sea.
When the handle is turned, the albatross flies gracefully, watching over the seas. 
All paper has been cut and sculpted by hand. All the metal mechanisms have also been made by hand. The wooden box frame has also been hand crafted.

Peeping Herons

Paper-cut Kinetic Sculpture

Inspired by more traditional automata that is based in humour. The viewer turns the handle while focusing on the foreground and expecting the front heron to move. However instead, three herons take turns to peep over the tall grass in the background.

A short video of the Black Footed Guardian Moving

Black Footed Guardian

Paper-cut Kinetic Sculpture