Prop Slug. Made using clay, paint and varnish.

Set Dressing Installations.

Balloon wall feature, made using hot air balloon prints, coloured in by children from a nearby school, mounted on mount-board, then mounted on a wall. 

Wave wall feature. Metal fencing shaped and secured onto wooden beams on the wall, then different ribbons and fabrics were woven through the fence.

'Stunt Locusts' One of the scenes involved locusts flying, being thrown and falling. The real locusts would have been injured so I was asked to create stunt locusts. I used wire, tissue paper, paint and acetate.

Graffic work and and draw props. Book covers designed and made using computer software and Graffiti design props drawn by hand.

​​Name and Colour

So Awkward Season 2 and 3

A giant lobster pinata. Made using cardboard for structure the decorated with tissue and crepe paper, and polystyrene balls for eyes. The head was detachable but made to look like it had been broken off, so when the head was hit it would 'break' off and the sweets would spill out. I made two identical bodies and six heads that had identical break lines so all heads could fit on both bodies for repeat takes, but the piece filmed perfectly in one take so my repeats weren't needed, but that's showbiz... You have to be prepared!

I worked in the art department for Season 2 of So Awkward in 2015 as a model/prop maker, but I was able to try my hand at set dressing, stand-by props and stand-by art director. I had the amazing opportunity of having my artwork hired to be on set, and it was hired out again in 2016 for season 3.

Lucy Jean Green

Four of my paper-cut kinetic sculptures on set as part of 'Mrs Griggs' Office.

Kinetic Artist And Paper Sculptor -