Manchester School of Art Degree Show

13th - 24th June 2015

Work of mine that is being displayed;

The Framed Crane Project

Crossing The Owl's Bridge (Shown at 1:15 of the video)

A Flock in a Box

The Thieving Jackdaw

4 - 17th June 2016

Private viewing on the 3rd of June

​Marketplace Studios, Stockport, Manchester

My first solo exhibition. 

The basis of all of my work is rooted in fact or folklore so I thought for the exhibition I would exaggerate these elements. I am incredibley excited to present my new range of paper cut sculpture and kinetic paper cut sculpture all inspired by birds, and the science and myth that surrounds them, in my first solo exhibition.

"With over 9,000 different species, found in every corner of the world, these incredible creatures outnumber us 40 to 1. Rich in astonishing fact and captivating folklore, from the smallest bird to the largest, and even birds of mythology. There really is so much more to birds than meets the eye. 
Using paper-cut sculpture, I present some of their stories to you."

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Kinetic Artist And Paper Sculptor -

Marvellous Mechanicals - Platform Gallery, Clitheroe. Current

Parallax Art Fair - Kensington Town Hall. 20th - 22nd July 2018

​Crafted By Hand - Masham. 3rd - 4th November 2018​​

" Aves. " 

One Year On -  Solo Exhibtion

Inspired By Tatton. 2015

Inspired by the Japanese gardens at Tatton Park I created a kinetic sculpture depicting the Japanese Crane. I also displayed a collection box automata piece from last year which collects money for the National Trust. Inspired by their work bringing the large blue butterfly back from the brink of extinction the piece has butterflies than move when the viewer adds money. The National Trust also help look after Tatton Park.
This exhibition was a collaboration with Tatton Park and several other talented designer/makers from Manchester School of Art.

The exhibition is open at Tatton Park, Knutsford, from 22nd April til the 17th May.

To read more about this exhibition and see other designers work,

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August 18th - October 2nd

Items made of or on paper - fragile beautiful, dreams, ephemeral, impermanent, changing.

Artists include; Rosie Scott-Massie, Kate Thornton,John Dilnot, Lucy Green and Elizabeth Shorrock.

​GNCCF - Manchester. 12 - 15 October

22nd - 23rd October 2016

Chelsea Town Hall, King's Road, London.

The lovely people who organise the largest art fair in Europe... Parallax Art Fair! have invited me back to be a part of it this year! I am incredibly excited to be a part of this event again, can't wait to see all the artwork!

It would be a pleasure to have your company at the seventeenth edition of Parallax Art Fair, if you would like to get tickets, they're nice and free, here is a link to do so.


Paper Dreams Exhibition

Masham Gallery

Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Parallax Art Fair

Past Events 2017

Current / Upcoming Events 2018

Lucy Jean Green

​​Name and Colour

7th May 2017

Altrincham Town Hall

The LNCCF is a small spin off event from the award winning Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, GNCCF.

It features 40 selected designer-makers who exhibit and sell a range of work directly to the public, and I am excited to be one of them! 

The show is open from 10:30 til 16:30 and will showcase an inspiring mix of ceramics, glass, textiles, jewellery, wood, furniture and more.