1920's Radio made using painted and sculpted, kappa foam-board

Firework costumes made using a mixture of materials including; pool noodles, pipe cleaners, cellophane, cable-ties, kappa foam-board, glitter fabric and pom-poms.

Starfish Costume made using plastazote and paint.

CBeebies Presentation

CBeebies Pres Art department covers prop making and set dressing for the live segments with presenters between programs aired on CBBC and CBeebies. I am a design assistant with the art department. Below are some of the props I created for them.

Paper cut donkey nose mask. 

London Bridge made out of lolly sticks.

Paper craft cards for an Jungle animal birthday party. Monkey theme, Lion theme and Crocodile theme.

Set decoration for CBeebies house.

Mini Gonger's Gong. Made using painted kappa foam-board and card.

Mini CBeebies Bug. Made using kappa foam-board and felt.

Felt Roses and Daisies. Made using wooden dowels and felt.

A foam book and prop police file for 20 years of Dick and Dom interrogation live segment on CBBC.

​​Name and Colour

Dodge T Dog hand puppet. Made using fur, fun foam and hot glue.

Monster feet. A pair of crocs turned into feet for a monster costume using green fur fabric and polystyrene eggs.

Kinetic Artist And Paper Sculptor -

A small leather style pilot hat for a teddy. Hand cut and stitched.

Lucy Jean Green